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Item Description Price Each Quantity
EB 1090 - 48 Volt City Bike
Available in 5 colors

Options available below: front fork lock, windshield, wood baskets


Dark Blue/Silver

EB FT 48 Volt Fat Tire Bike 2350.00 Fat Tire
EB 744 - 48 Volt Town & Country II Scooter
Available in Silver, Red, Blue or Black



EB 636 - Folding Bike 36V/ 10ah Lithium battery
350w motor.
Available in Silver only.

Options available below: front fork lock, windshield, wood baskets



EB 600 - Folding Bike 36V/ 3ah LiFePO4 battery
250w motor.
Available in Silver only.

Options available below: front fork lock, windshield, wood baskets

$899.00 Silver
EB1214 Beach Cruiser
Available in Men' (black) and womens (white) .

Options available below: mud guards, wood baskets

$2395.00 EB-BC Silver
EB 415 - Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike with Lithium Battery in Red only
Ultra-Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy two-tone black/red frame
450 watt motor 10 AH Lithium Ion battery

OPTIONS: Double front sprocket and Rear MTB rack




415 Bike

Double Sprocket

MTB Rear Rack

EB629 - Aluminum Alloy Step Through Bike with Lithium Battery

1 - Ultra-Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Silver or Black 700mm frame

2 - 350 watt motor 10 AH Lithium Ion battery

Note: 633 model has 26" frame and Black color only




629 Silver

929 Black

633 Black

EB333 - Articulating Trike with Torsion Bar
36 volt 10 Ah Lithium Ion Battery

Available in silver only.

Standard: Silicon Battery
60V 40ahLithium Ion Battery is optional

Available in Pink, Wine Red, Blue and Black

Optional: Lithium Battery pack $900

Optional: Balancing Charger




Wine Red


Balancing Charger

Liberty Premium ETrike - Liberty Trike

36 volt 10 Ah LifePO4 Battery

750 Watt Hi-power motor

Woven Ash Bicycle Baskets for most bikes.

Available in 3 different sizes: Original, Large, and Extra Large

Special: Free Shipping!!




X-Large Basket

Large Basket

Original Basket

Front Fork Lock
For Street & City Bikes only.

Rear Locking Tool Kit / Trunk
Locking Trunk Street and City Bikes.
Fits City bike, Street bike, Town & Country, Breeze.
This nice windshield is priced to sell. It comes with all mounting hardware.
Fits City bike, Street bike, Town & Country and Breeze.
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