Liberty Electric Trike

"A Better Trike for a Better Future"


1) Electric powered
2) Industrial
3) Folding
4) Mobility
5) Modular w/ Separating Patent Pending Hinge
6) Lightweight: 60 lbs (front - 30 lbs, rear - 30 lbs)
7) Steel Frame made in USA
8) Fork: Chromoly with disc brake mount
9) 40" wheel base
10) 25" Rear width
11) Front Wheel - 16" Mag with 750w hub motor
12) Rear wheel - 16" spoked 28 hole rim
13) Direct Drive 750w hub motor
14) 20 Amp 36v controller
15) 36v/10ah LiFePO4 battery with locking keyset
16) Modular Component Design
17) Large LCD dashboard display
18) Variable speed split-twist throttle
19) Left side e-brake
20) Front left handle - 180mm Disc brake
21) Rear coaster brakes
22) Single speed pedaling wiht mini crank
23) Quick release Comfort seat
24) Comfort grips
25) Parking brake
26) Lightweight Rear Basket
This 36v electric trike is just the ticket for getting around town. It comes complete with rear basket for your convenience in doing those tasks of light shopping, going to and from class, and just having fun on your electric trike.

electric trike with headlight and front hub motor

Modular Battery Unit

36v Street Bike

with Lithium battery

This is a brand new trike with lots of extras and new features.
Take a look at the stylish design.
We are proud of our design of this trike:

In this picture you can see the front hub motor, powerful enough to haul a 300 lb. load up a hill!


  • Do not dissassemble battery
  • Keep away from the children.
  • Do not expose the battery to water.
  • Place the battery in a cool and dry environment
  • Do not reverse the positive terminal and negative terminals
  • Do not connect the battery terminals to each other with any metal objects.
  • Do not knock, strike, or step on the battery
  • Do not solder directly onto the battery or pierce the battery with nails or other sharp tools
  • Immediately discontinue use of the battery, if the battery emits an unusual smell, feels hot, changes color, shape or appears abnormal in any other way.